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Thanks for Purchasing the Amp Up Your Business Summer Workshop Series!

We're so happy to have you join us for this workshop series!  You'll find the access link for each live session below. And after the event you'll find the replays on this page as well. 

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Sometimes, things simply don’t go as planned. Sometimes, it seems like the whole darned Universe is conspiring against you…and sometimes ya’ll just gotta throw your hands up in the air and say “Okay. You win, whoever ‘you’ are.”

That’s pretty much what has happened this week with the Amp Up Your Business Summer Workshop Series! There are 5 of us involved in the event, and between us we are having more tech issues than you can shake a stick at! Computers, platforms, software - you name it, and it probably is not working right!

So - we are pushing back the Workshops to the following dates, so that can bring you what we always do:
The BEST possible experience!!

We are so sorry for the inconvenience - but we are also going to be adding
additional bonuses to the Workshop series to make up for it, too.

The deal of the summer just got way better ;-)

~ Ruthie, Melody, Jan, Stephanie, and Helen ~

Ruthie headshot list building
Amp Up Your List Building
with Ruthie Bowers

Download Slides (Personal Use Only)

Transcript (Coming Soon)

24 Content Upgrades that Get Results (Personal Use)

Jan - hire a VA headshot
Amp up Your Profit with a VA with Jan Small

Download Slides

Transcript (Coming Soon)

Resources and Tools

Mel -amp up wordpress headshot
Amp Up Your WordPress Site with Melody Wigdahl

Download Slides

Transcript (coming soon)

Helen - amp up branding headshot
Amp Up Your Brand
with Helen Ross

Download Slides

Transcript (coming soon)

Steph - round table host headshot
Amp Up Round Table Q&A with Moderator Stephanie Hansen

Transcript (coming soon)

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